How to create a script?

Modified on Thu, 10 Feb 2022 at 08:48 AM

Script allows users to automate actions that will otherwise have to be performed manually on the seller center. This enables sellers to optimize and adjust their campaign details automatically based on specified conditions.

We've outlined the steps below on how you can create a script:

Step 1: Click on Create script button

At the left sidebar, go to Hyper Automation. Then, at the Ad object programmatic setting table, click on + Create script.

Step 2: Fill out the General Information table

  • Ad tool: Type of ads you want to create this script for
  • Script target: The script target refers to the object you want to create a script for. This can either be the Ad Object (which is either the shop or product) or Ad Object - Keyword (which is the shop or product + the keyword pairing). 
  • Programmatic object: Depending on the script target you choose, this will list either the shop/product or keyword you want to create a script for

Step 3: Fill out the Scenario Generic information

Scenario is a combination of multiple Conditions with only one Action.

  • Timeline: The time range of the selected ad object to be applied to this script.
  • Time zone: Will follow the time zone of selected storefronts

Step 4: Set up the Condition for this script

Conditions bind each other when you use the operator "And". This means all conditions need to be satisfied to take action.

With the "Or" operator, conditions are scanned in order. If one of the conditions is satisfied, the system will take action immediately. (Note, if the first condition is satisfied, the system won't check the remaining ones)

Step 5: Specify the Action you want to be automatically executed

Regardless of the number of conditions you have set, each scenario targets only one action.

Step 6: Save your script

Once properties are all set up, click Submit.

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