Ads Status FAQs

Modified on Mon, 17 Apr 2023 at 10:54 AM

  • Why is my ad object marked as 'Ineligible'?

When the product is ineligible to run ads due to marketplace policy (such as the product being OOS/ Deleted/ Unlisted/ Banned…), Epsilo One marks it as 'Ineligible'. You won’t be able to adjust or create ads for these product states on Epsilo One.

  • What happens when my product is back to normal?

Your ad object status will follow the campaign status or return to 'Paused" (if you've paused it before).

  • Why is my keyword marked as 'Ineligible'?

If your keyword is classified as a 'Reserved' type on Seller Center, Epsilo One will mark it as 'Ineligible'. This status appears typically on only the Shopee Shop search ad, you cannot adjust it on Epsilo One.

  • Why have my ads been 'Paused by Botep'?

Your ads are paused by Epsilo One's system (Botep) when it runs out of daily or total budget.

  • How do I resume the ads if it is 'Paused by Botep' due to budget?

You cannot resume ads in this case because the budget is no longer sufficient to run ads. Still, you can consider extending the budget, the ads will automatically resume then.

  • How long will it take for my ads to resume after extending the budget?

It should take no longer than 10 minutes for the status of your ads to change from 'Paused by Botep' to 'Ongoing' after you extend your daily or total campaign budget.

  • Can I adjust my ad status on Seller Center?

We do not recommend executing changes on Seller Center if your store is integrated with Epsilo One. Doing so may result in conflicts with your ad setup and data, as most interactions between Epsilo One and Seller Center are one-way synchronization, from Epsilo One to Seller Center only.

  • How long will it take for my ad status changes to reflect on Seller Center?

Your action should be immediately reflected on Seller Center. However, due to the interaction speed between Seller Center and Epsilo One, there might be a few minutes of delay for your change in reputation to take effect.

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