Free Trial FAQs

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  • What’s the first step I need to do after signing up?
    You need to add your store to be able to fully use Epsilo. Click here for our article on how to integrate your store.

  • What should I do next after adding my store?
    If you already have existing campaigns, you can go right ahead and create a script. This article shows you how to do that. However, if you have never created an ad before, you’ll need to set up your ad campaign first. Check how you can create a campaign here. Once your campaign is published, you can set up the script to optimize your campaign in real-time.

  • What is hyper-automation?
    Hyper-automation, which we also call ‘script’, allows users to specify conditions and the resulting automatic action. 

    Some examples of hyper-automation are:
    a) pausing your product if they are out of stock
    b) increase your bidding automatically if you are not appearing in the top search positions. 

    For more tips on which scripts to create, you can check our article here.

  • Why are some pages on the left menu grayed out?
    These pages are currently not yet available on the platform but are part of our product roadmap and will be released soon.

  • Why do some pages on the left menu have a lock icon beside them?
    It means you need to upgrade your subscription to access the feature. If it’s grayed out, it also means it’s not yet available but will be released soon.

  • Are there any training materials available for users?
    Yes! Within the platform, you can find the small Epsilo Help icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Click on it to access video tutorials to the key actions you need to do on Epsilo. You can also check out our useful articles on the Help Center.

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